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Unique pieces with ever lasting durability and shine, designed with ISHQ to add to your collection. Available in multiple sizes and worldwide shipping.

Sweaty Betty's we gats you. 

All of our jewellery at Momi Ishq is crafted with a 'Marine Grade' 316 stainless steel base. 

When stainless steal interacts with the environment such as oxygen and water it forms a thin stable film that prevents its from reaching the base metal and oxidising, therefore corroding the metal.

Unlike jewellery made from brass, copper, sterling silver and gold plated, that have no guarantees. Which you have probably experienced. 

This is what makes it water resistant and tarnish proof. No need to worry about taking off your pieces before jumping in the pool, basking in the sun, running for the bus in the rain. All season proof. 

PVD electroplating is a process that ensures that the gold will always glitter. 

This armour means none of that embarrassing skin turning green and rusting pieces. Go about your daily life, apply your fav perfume and however complex skincare routines without batting an eyelid. 

Obviously, take some caution and try to remove it before baths but I have worn my pieces religiously and they still look shiny and perfect after a years of wear.

I always receive compliments when I wear it and people are often surprised to hear that it's not solid gold. It actually gives me piece of mind that if I lose it, the affordability makes it easily replaceable, you really can't go wrong!

C’est la vie!